« Lafaz Studios », a new artistic production structure, has just opened in Rabat with the aim of supporting young talents and encouraging them to be creative and creative. Designed in accordance with international standards, this new space aims to contribute to the influence of the national artistic scene and the improvement of the quality of productions through a production process that covers the sound recording chain to the final domain of the composition. and the arrangement, and add value to audio and video products for the music, film, television and general media markets.

Equipped with the latest resources and technical tools in this area, Lafaz Studios has, on an area of ​​250 m2, a set of high tech equipment and equipment to meet the needs of the most demanding artists in terms of musical quality and of commercial audiovisual products.

The opening of the study is « a childhood dream come true » in order to meet the expectations of young talents that want to make way for the musical field, the founder of the study said to MAP, Achraf Benyahya, pointing out that these young artists will be accompanied and supervised by professional musicians and sound engineers to highlight their talents. The implementation of this project in accordance with international technical equipment standards required more than one year of work and study, Benyahya said, pointing out that the project, resulting from an association with production companies in Stockholm and Los Angeles, have the objective of interacting with reference artists nationwide. He said that he was prepared to put all the equipment at the disposal of the artists, thus creating a dynamic in the national music market and discovering new names.

The Moroccan artist Nouamane Lahlou said that Lafaz Studios is a platform worthy of the great studies of the world, and that this structure will provide the musicians with an adequate space for creativity and production that will allow an improvement. the quality of the production in the artistic scene. The artist also stressed the importance of professional recording in the music production chain, in order to offer a high quality product that enhances the Moroccan artistic heritage and boosts its influence.
The artistic space was opened in the presence of several personalities from the political and cultural world, including André Azoulay, counselor of His Majesty the King.

Phone: +212 537 70 70 77
Rabat Maroc
12 Rue Al Yamama